Physiomed Difference

At Physiomed, we excel in quality patient care. Here’s how.

#1. Longer Appointments

At Physiomed we have always prioritized patient recovery, offering the longest appointments we can to ensure you get the very best treatment available. Every initial assessment that we make is at least 45 minutes long, giving us time to thoroughly diagnose your injury and make a recovery plan. Our physiotherapists determine the length and frequency of  follow-up appointments to ensure that you can experience a quality and speedy recovery.

#2. Quality Therapists

At Physiomed we employ only the best physiotherapists we can find. We  focus on professional development to make sure that our physiotherapists are constantly applying proven therapies.

#3. Specialist Services

In addition to physiotherapy services, Physiomed also has a range of specialist services such as hand-therapists, sports recovery specialists, acupuncture, gym and pool-based treatments. Please phone to find out more about how Physiomed can meet your specific needs.

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Independent assessment found that patient recovery rates at Physiomed were 20% better than the national average. This means that on average our patients recover quicker and return to work earlier than those under other treatment providers. So call 0800 999 737 to experience the Physiomed difference.