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PhysioMed offers the highest quality physiotherapy care in Christchurch

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The PhysioMed Difference

Longer Appointments

At PhysioMed we have always prioritized patient recovery, offering the longest appointments we can to ensure you get the very best treatment available. Every initial assessment that we make is long enough to thoroughly diagnose your injury and make a recovery plan. Our physiotherapists determine the length and frequency of  follow-up appointments to ensure that you can experience a quality and speedy recovery.

Quality Therapists

At PhysioMed we employ only the best physiotherapists we can find. We  focus on professional development to make sure that our physiotherapists are constantly applying proven therapies.

Our Success

Independent assessment found that patient recovery rates at PhysioMed were 20% better than the national average. This means that on average our patients recover quicker and return to work earlier than those under other treatment providers. We put our outstanding results down to our high-quality physiotherapists spending longer on each appointment to offer our clients the very best treatment.

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Our Pricing

ACC Surcharge

We have a flat rate ACC surcharge of $30 per treatment. 

$40 /per treatment


Private Appointment

We have a flat rate of $70 per appointment.

$80 /per appointment


Client Experience

Adrian from Physiomed has been a great help in keeping my old body semi flexi able and pain free over the last few years, great in explaining what the problem or problems are in my case and how I can keep training with out a walking stick, love your work Adrian.”

Tony, Christchurch

After a couple of treatments I was training again and another treatment had me on the aeroplane to France to race.  Since then Adrian has kept my ageing body together numerous times and allowed me to continue training and racing rather than sitting or lying on the couch.”

Ian, Christchurch

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