About Us

Providing Quality Physiotherapy since ’02

At PhysioMed, we endeavour to provide the highest quality physiotherapy to our community. With highly skilled physiotherapists and a wide range of services, you will have confidence that you’re receiving the best help for a quick and long lasting recovery.

Providing Expert & Honest Care For 20 Years

Our Success

Independent assessment found that patient recovery rates at PhysioMed were 20% better than the national average. This means that on average our patients recover quicker and return to work earlier than those under other treatment providers. We put our outstanding results down to our high-quality physiotherapists spending longer on each appointment to offer our clients the very best treatment.

Six Treatments

At PhysioMed we are dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality physiotherapy care. This means longer appointments with quality physios who are trained to tailor a treatment plan to meet your goals. We use the latest physiotherapy advances and conduct our own research so that we can achieve the very best results for every client.

By making quality of care our top priority, we have found that the vast majority of our patients achieve 90% of pre-injury functionality within just six treatments.

Meet the Team!

Our Christchurch Based Physiotherapists

Adrian Hamill

Full-Time Physiotherapist

Vasiliki (Vee) Vaiese

Part-Time Physiotherapist

Client Experience

Wouldn’t be able to keep up training and a physical job without Adrian’s support of massage and physio @ PhysioMed- the guy know a thing or two about us multisporter 🙂

Sia, Christchurch

“Thanks to physiomed for twisting, bending and stretching my back and arms into shape so I can train to my full potential in the kayak.”

Dibble, Christchurch