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PhysioMed offers the highest quality physiotherapy care in Christchurch. We give our patients more time and create tailored recovery plans to ensure that our patients have a quick and long-lasting recovery. We employ highly skilled physiotherapists who are experienced in:

Sports Injury Treatment

Stretching Programs

Manipulative Therapy

Goal Setting

Post-Operative Care


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You Set Your Goals

We tailor our recovery plans to meet your needs and best help you! Give us a call for more info

At Physiomed we are focussed on helping you to achieve your goals for health and well-being. To do this, we an innovative system called the patient-specific functional scale. This is a way of letting you define your goals for your recovery. For example, if you come in with an injury, we will ask you to rate the level of pain that you are currently experiencing, and we’ll also ask you to set a goal. It may be that your shoulder is 2/10 and your goal is to get it 9/10. You may also have other goals as well, such increasing your flexibility or strength in another area. In every case, we use the patient-specific scale to let you define your recovery goals and to measure the rate of progress that you experience in PhysioMed care.

Using the patient-specific functional scale, we have found that our clients return to over 90% pre-injury functionality within just six treatments. If you would like to take control of your recovery, give us a call on 0800 999 737 or contact us. 

Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injuries are the most common type of injuries we see. They are very specific to the individual and sport they play, and as such require a tailored approach.

Injuries are usually subsidised by ACC and we can take care of your ACC paperwork, filing a claim for you.

PhysioMed is an inclusive clinic, we will work alongside any other practitioners, coaches, trainers, and specialists.

With clients taking a central role they can often find they are performing better post treatment than before they were injured.

    Treatment may also cover:

    • X-rays or scan referral.
    • Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine specialist referral.

    Examples of sports injuries:

    • Muscle strains
    • Contusions
    • Compartment syndrome
    • Cramp
    • Tendon strain
    • Tendinopathy
    • Acute fractures
    • Periosteal contusion
    • Stress fractures
    • Ligament sprains
    • Meniscus tear
    • Articular cartilage
    • Dislocations
    • Impingement

    Post Operative

    Recovering from a surgery can be physically and emotionally difficult, physiotherapy plays a role in helping clients through the process assisting recovery and returning clients to work, sport or daily life.

    Often it is difficult to remember everything you are told straight after your surgery, and you find yourself unsure of what you should or shouldn’t be able to do each day or week. Don’t wait, make an appointment for a physiotherapist to explain your recovery plan, as well as assisting with goals and expectations.

    Manipulative Therapy

    Manual or manipulative therapy are terms used to describe hands on treatment, these are skills which some modern physiotherapy clinics are losing due to a change in focus towards solely exercise-based rehabilitation.

    At PhysioMed we will use best practice treatments learned over 20 years of experience including exercise, stretching, hands on treatment, acupuncture, cupping, sports specific training.

    Other treatments will be assessed as new evidence becomes available.

    Our Pricing

    ACC Surcharge

    We have a flat rate ACC Surcharge of $30 per treatment.

    $40 /per treatment

    Starts from

    Private Appointment

    We have a flat rate of $70 per private appointment.

    $80 /per appointment

    Starts from

    Client Experience

    Adrian from Physiomed has been a great help in keeping my old body semi flexi able and pain free over the last few years, great in explaining what the problem or problems are in my case and how I can keep training with out a walking stick, love your work Adrian.”

    Tony, Christchurch

    After a couple of treatments I was training again and another treatment had me on the aeroplane to France to race.  Since then Adrian has kept my ageing body together numerous times and allowed me to continue training and racing rather than sitting or lying on the couch.”

    Ian, Christchurch

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